Device Hardening

Device hardening simply refers to the process of reducing vulnerabilities in your security devices. It is a necessary step that ought to be taken even before the devices are installed in the network, so that when they are finally in use, they do not have any potential loopholes which can be exploited by hackers.

Most network administrators rely on the power of their firewall to protect the entire network. Whereas this might sometimes be sufficient, it causes no harm to further enhance the network by hardening the devices. We offer reliable device hardening for all the components you have in the security device. Every device will be treated in isolation, identify all the potential threats and implement the appropriate security features.

At Cyber 365 we use below techniques to harden security devices:

  • Updating Firmware & Patches of Security Devices
  • Disabling Unnecessary Protocols, Services and Ports
  • Ensuring use of non-default configurations
  • Review the Policies to ensure that they are configured as per Best Practices
  • Leverage Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA)
  • Ensure that device is configured to use Secure Protocols
  • Password Management
  • Securing Routing Protocols

These are just but a few of the techniques used by us.

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